Today in two different terrorist incidents in Peshawar and Karachi several persons were killed, and injured. The first blast took place outside Park Hotel in Kucha Risaldar The second blast uprooted the rail tracks derailing Shalimar Express. Several passengers sustained injuries. It has not been determined which terrorist outfit was involved in these dastardly attacks. These atrocities are being committed while negotiations process has been initiated. The occurrence of these incidents negates the good intentions expressed by the TTP for the peace process. These can prove to be the stumbling block. The terrorist groups or some third party wants to sabotage the negotiations. We cannot rule out India’s involvement in these activities. A political drama is being staged and enacted in broad day light. Media must act responsibly and avoid spreading unconfirmed information.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks and I suspect no one would claim it either! KPK government needs to beef up the security so that such incidents do not occurred.

TTP has disclaimed the Peshawar bomb blast and If that is true then we need to see who is responsible for the incident ? All terrorist groups remain in contact with each other, and have inside information. It is incumbent on the State to protect its citizens, and respond to such nefarious activities. A number of religious scholars have been brutally killed in suicide attacks. Qadir Baloch warned that the government would have to retaliate if these attacks continue. He further said, that, he does not want to indulge in blame game and would like to see the peace talks proceed in a cordial atmosphere.


Lahore, February 4.