After a cracker attack on a schools in Karachi, I felt ashamed watching Sindh’ Education Secretary, Dr. Pechuho informing a TV channel anchor, that all schools with inadequate security arrangements, would be shut down! Vow, is this the effort the government is making to secure our children? What a display of government responsibility to provide security to its citizens. Earlier KPK government also withdrew, from its basic charter, to maintain law and order in the province and advised teachers to arm themselves to fight terrorists. If this is the precedent being set by Sindh and KPK governments, then tomorrow all the markets, shopping malls, mosques, universities, offices will be closed until they can arrange security to protect them.

It’s obvious no one expects this government to deploy contingents of armed policemen at every school, but who is stopping them to take action against terrorists? Not long ago federal interior minister informed that 10% of religious seminaries were involved in terrorist activities; that means at least 6,000 seminaries should come under scrutiny but no action was seen. Who is not aware that seminaries receive unchecked funds from undisclosed foreign and local sources, any action to disrupt this funding? No, instead the government is in denial about this large foreign funding to the seminaries. Who is not aware that Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba are openly operating under the very nose of law enforcing agencies. No action is taken, instead Punjab Chief Minister is meeting heads of these so-called banned organizations to ensure ‘all is well’.

They were showing their strength on Feb. 05, in the disguise of Kashmir unity day marches. Sectarian off-shoots of relgio-political parties are active in hatred based killings all across the country. Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid is delivering Khutba (sermon) every Friday, with no fear of any action against him, (despite his arrest warrant). All those religious scholars, who had earlier issued fatwa (religious edict), against Pakistan army declaring them as ‘infidel’ are still active without any shame or remorse. It’s business as usual in Akora Khatak seminary which is headed by a scholar who is nicknamed ‘Father of Taliban’.

Public security shall be the foremost responsibility of anyone who wants to be in the country’ driving seat. All other obligations come after. After the massacre of Army Public School and Shikarpur mosque, ordinary people are looking for action; not words, meetings, committees, reports and announcements of financial compensation for victims. Can we expect some action from Sindh government to protect the schools from further attacks?


Saudi Arab, February 5.