The government must conduct a judicial inquiry into the killing of two PIA workers during a protest in Karachi to unveil reality to the nation.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Human Rights Commission Chairman Riaz Fatyana demanded while talking to the media persons here the other day. The PTI pointed out that the fire did not come from the sky, adding that someone at someone’s instigation had fired the gunshots on the protesting workers. “A judicial commission should be formed to unveil the facts shrouded in the mystery,” he emphasised.

He alleged the right to living is being snatched from people by “imposing dictatorship” on people in the name of democracy. “Mega corruption by the rulers is left little space for providing relief to the masses,” he alleged, adding that internationally POL prices have witnessed a record decrease but the nation is deprived of its benefits in the country.

Fatyana claimed that the Prime Minister does not even know the precise rate of vegetables like potatoes and eggs. “There is a staggering inflation, but government mouthpiece Pervaiz Rashid is throwing sand into the public’s eyes with false claims,” he regretted. Fatyana alleged that the charm of government has dazzled the rulers and has made them oblivious to problems being confronted by the masses. “Orange line train project is a suicide attack on the cultural and historic heritage of Lahore,” he claimed. He also demanded that the Punjab Rangers should launch an operation against looters and plunderers in Punjab province.