ISLAMABAD - Olympian M Karim, who participated in Sochi Winter Olympics, won gold medal for Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in Inter-Services Ski Cup in giant slalom category on Monday.

Talking to The Nation from Naltar, Ski Federation of Pakistan (SFP) spokesman Obaid Ur Rehman Abbasi said: “Karim started impressively and finished first without letting his colleague and first Olympian of Pakistan M Abbas even slightest lead. In the second run, Abbas tried to cover but Karim bagged gold with huge margin while Abbas (PAF) secured second position.”

Karim said: “I am very happy to win gold for my country and my organisation as it was my first appearance after long time.” Abdul Jaan of Army, who is considered to be underdog during current winter competitions, however could not compete with both giants of skiing and had to settle for bronze. “It was great privilege and honour for me to compete and participate in the Cup where two big names Karim and Abbas were playing. I showed my abilities as well and proud to win at least third position for Army.”

Meanwhile, new snow pressing machine arrived at Naltar on Monday which was a great edition for winter competitions and open corridors for international competitions.