ISLAMABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to write a letter to Pakistani mission in Abu Dhabi to seize the company of Raja Babar Zulqarnain, which was established illegally, The Nation has learnt reliably.

The NAB has arrested the son of former President of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) Raja Zuliqarnain in the Rental Power corruption reference last month.

Sources in the NAB told The Nation that during investigation Raja Babar Zuliqarnain admitted that he received millions of rupees in bribes in Karkey Rental power project. He informed the authorities that he established his own company of worth two million Dihram. He further said that he opened three bank accounts in Dubai, Switzerland and London and deposited the ill-gotten money in those accounts.

Sources revealed that Raja Babar Zuliqarnain has also confessed to have paid lion’s share of the money to former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf as kickbacks.           

Earlier, NAB started a probe into the rental power projects on allegations of corruption and misuse of authority and Raja Babar Zulqarnain and 27 others were investigated. NAB directed Zulqarnain to provide details of all payments from the company into his bank account, record of taxes paid on payments received and employment contract with the company.

When NAB team raided residence of Raja Babar Zuliqarnain for taking record regarding case into custody, gunmen of former President of AJK brutality tortured NAB’s seven-member investigation team and snatched the record of corruption cases of his son at gunpoint in the presence of police and area magistrate.

The Authority took up the issue with top leadership of AJK and Prime Minister AJK Chaudhary Majeed ensured that he would take action against the culprits who attacked the NAB team. They said that NAB team registered an FIR against Raja Zuliqarnanin and his gunmen at local police station Mirpur. NAB high-ups also decided to take action against the culprits under the section 33c.