ISLAMABAD - Major opposition parties are set to make a joint effort to constitutionally bind all the ministers to quarterly share the performance report of their ministries.

The main opposition parties are planning to go for proper legislation in the house to bind all ministers to share their ministries’ performance at least on quarterly basis, main opposition parties leaders shared with The Nation.

PPP, PTI and MQM will demand performance report of all the federal ministries, including interior, finance and revenue and foreign affairs in the upcoming National Assembly session (29th session) on point of orders.

Opposition parties, in the upcoming National Assembly session, will also focus on PIA privatisation, tax amnesty scheme, report on implementation of the National Action Plan.

The opposition parties have chalked out a strategy to grill Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar for not sharing report with the house about the National Action Plan (NAP) despite his promise, they said.

Chaudhary Nisar Khan shared performance report of his ministry on the National Assembly floor in last session but he did not touch the National Action Plan (NAP). “Government should immediately summon NA session, as opposition has submitted requisition in NA secretariat,” said PTI’s senior lawmaker Shah Mehmood Qureshi while talking to The Nation.

About ministries’ performance, Qureshi said that ministers should present their ministries’ performance report in the house. “What to talk about performance of ministries, as even ministers hardly grace the house,” said PTI’s lawmaker while criticising the ministers’ continuous absence from the house.

Talking to The Nation, PPP’s lawmaker Abdul Sattar Bachani said that all ministers should give detailed report of their ministries’ performance in the house. “Chaudhary Nisar should also give report on the National Action Plan in upcoming session,” he added.

Having almost same opinion, MQM’s Ali Raza Abidi said report on the National Action Plan should be shared with the house. “All ministers should follow Ch.Nisar’s initiative to present the report and interior minister should also give report about NAP’s implementation,” Abidi added.

Opposition parties’ main lawmakers said that performance reports of Water and Power, Petroleum and Natural Resources and Ministry of foreign affairs should be shared with the house.

They said that some of the ministers had not welcomed the initiative taken by Ch.Nisar as they were not willing and prepared to set such tradition in the house.