ISLAMABAD - More than 100 employees of National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) are getting their salaries without performing any duty; it is learnt reliably here yesterday. In a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairman of the board of directors, National Insurance Company Limited, has alleged that an executive director, Saeed Aslam Raja, has been terminated from his job in NICL but he reinstated himself in the absence of Board of Directors. The said executive director has appointed over 100 employees in NICL and now these officials are taking salaries without performing any work, the letter claims.

The letter written by chairman of the Board of Directors, Mohammad Ameen Bandukda, has further alleged that a veterinary doctor is serving as a Financial Advisor (FA) in the Finance Division. Apparently instigated by a tug of war, within NICL and with finance division, the copies of the letter have been sent to ministers of information and commerce, secretaries commerce, finance and establishment, principal secretary to Prime Minister, chairman Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Director Commercial Audit.

The letter alleged veterinary doctor, Alamdar Malik, is serving in the finance ministry as a financial advisor without any finance background. The veterinary doctor is sitting on the most important post dealing with privatization, NHA, Communication, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Employment Old-Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) and NICL. Alamdar was registrar in Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council but is on deputation in the finance division. Malik is working as deputy financial advisor, but is holding the current charge of financial advisor. He is working in the ministry for the past five years. Though, the Establishment Division has issued his repatriation orders to his earlier department but he still performs his duties in the finance department.

The letter alleged that the financial advisor has forcefully kept NICL vehicle for his personal use in Islamabad and was charging petrol and maintenance cost from the NICL. The financial advisor also tried to get the position of advisor from NICL for Rs 150,000 per month but was denied, the letter alleged.  The Chairman BoD has further requested the prime minister to accord approval to the name of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NICL. Different names for the probable CEO have already been sent to the prime minister office.

The prime minister secretariat was further informed that several high officials of the NICL were dismissed from job because of corruption and misuse of authority.  The officials who are dismissed from job during the 84th meeting of the board of directors of NICL, held on December 11, 2015, included Executive Director Finance Muhammad Zahoor, General Manager Real Estate, Zahid Hussain, and Executive Director Ayub Siddique Butt. Similarly, Chief Manager Administration NICL has been transferred from his position and an enquiry has been initiated against him, the letter said.