December 16, 2014 attack on Army Public School in Peshawar APS, was an attack on humanity and future of Pakistan. Ruthless bloodshed of children, woman and unarmed civilians was certainly a barbarian act. Yet, the mayhem directed the nation towards solidarity and national unity against the devilish nexus of terrorism and offered ample magnitude to consider the issue with serious motives to check, restrict, hunt and kill this nexus of terrorist and their allies. Parliament passed the 21st amendment that allowed the Constitutional Act 2015 to expedite judicial process against culprits. Prime security institution, the Pakistan Army channelized its sources across the western border to leave no sanctuaries for terrorists, furthermore good and bad Taliban classification ended at least in the papers. Thus collective, comprehensive and collaborative efforts paved the way to success.

In a period of one year, situation is not ideal but far better than before. However, no wisdom supports the idea to cultivate antagonism, resentment and hatred in budding innocent minds though direct or indirect narrative of animosity and abhorrence. It was alarming to see dissemination of word Dushman in phrase “Mujy Duhsman k Bachon ko parahana hay”, through the medium of mass instruction indirectly and directly in course singing mainly in primary schools. Congratulations, we have got another cause of hatred to pollute innocent mind with enmity and hostility. Agreed, we should haunt, kill and dismantle terrorists and their networks. Nevertheless, we must not divide the society in further segments by mal-education and sewing germs of aversion in children presumably towards their fellow children (Dushamn kay bachy).

Fueled by the inbuilt cruel but real memories of masses who migrated across the border, we championed in threat creation, enemy formation and business of hate. That generation transferred those miseries and deprivations to the next and so on. As time passed we excelled and successfully magnified the cosmetic threats around the territorial boundaries of Pakistan; then both east and west. East Pakistan debacle proved that internal differences, racial prejudice and lingual discrimination are many times lethal than external dushman and nation witnessed fall of Dacca. Yet, we did not learn the lesson of history and once again lacking wisdom and foresight, state of Pakistan chooses to malaise future generation of Pakistan.


China, December 16.