Islamabad - A long overdue meeting of departmental promotion committee (DPC) to promote teachers and principals was postponed yesterday due to absence of director general of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), a post that is lying vacant at present.

The DPC meeting to promote as many as 12 female and 5 male lecturers of Islamabad colleges and many deputy headmasters could not be held on the scheduled date of 8th February. Earlier, the meeting was scheduled on the 3rd of February, which was deferred till 8th of February.

According to information, the DPC could not be held because of the absence of director general FDE who is the permanent member of the committee. However, the office of DG has been lying vacant after the Supreme Court removed Moinuddin Wani from the seat of DG on February 1.

The Supreme Court hearing a petition filed by Shahnaz A Riaz, ex-director general FDE, issued orders for the removal of director general of FDE and appointing someone within the department as new DG.

The previous DPC was held two years ago. Delay in promotion, unfortunately, demoralises the teachers and creates disappointment and frustration among the teachers which may adversely affect the efficiency of a teacher in the classroom.

The process of teachers’ promotion is already extremely slow and generally they have to wait for decades. The career of teachers is in utter hazard due to general neglect of the department.

The teachers who have served for about more than 15 years in BPS-17 were hopeful that they would rejoice their promotion after a long wait but they feel perturbed and disappointed.

A lecturer on condition of anonymity said, “The political and bureaucratic interventions in FDE for the last many years for the recruitment of director general have been against the FDE rules, which say the DG should be from the degree colleges.” This has damaged the morale of the teaching community and done great wrong to the system of education, he added.

“Had the senior professors of FG colleges been given opportunity to play their part, as is provided by the FDE rules of recruitment, the system would have worked better. The educationists having life-long experience of educating the youth would have contributed well their part. But no one knows how long bureaucracy will continue ignoring the rules,” he further said.

Secretary Capital Administration and Development Division Khalid Hanif confirmed that so far the post is vacant and the charge has not been given to anyone.