We purchased a plot in the Grand Avenues Housing Society almost two years ago. The society promised to give possession of the plot on the payment of half of its price. We paid the full price almost one year ago but still we have not been given the possession of the plot. On 6 January 2017 we met the administrator of the society, Mr Muhammad Mansha for possession. He straight away refused to give it by saying, the society has not purchased the land yet. When I asked him about how his society could be sued for fraud, because it received money for the land over which it had no legal right, he replied saying that he was not afraid of the court. 

I am an advocate of the High Court and I know that the court’s procedure is so tedious that such powerful people do not see it as a threat. So I request the Chief Minister of Punjab to take action against such corrupt societies. Hundreds of people are going from the pillar to post for possession but they become helpless due to the corrupt system thus wasting those savings that they had made throughout their life. Only Khadim-i-Aala is powerful enough to solve this problem. 


Lahore, January 21.