In a recent diplomatic move, Pakistan’s government has established active contacts with Kabul in the wake of bombings that killed dozens across Afghanistan. Other than Sartaj Aziz, advisor to the PM on Foreign Affairs, the new Chief of Staff of Pakistan Army also contacted his Afghan counterpart first and then the Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani. His phone calls have apparently helped lower the tensions as the goodwill gesture extended to Afghanistan was appreciated. This came in wake of increased acts of violence by the Taliban in Afghanistan in which around 30 people were killed and 80 wounded. Recently a Taliban suicide bomber targeted a guesthouse used by an intelligence official, killing at least seven people. Most of the victims of the attacks were said to be civilians. 

In a period less than two weeks the Pakistan authorities have contacted the Afghanistan administration to not only condemn the attacks and condoled the deaths, but also to reiterate Pakistan’s commitment towards Afghan peace. During the conversation it was emphasized that Pakistan has come a long way in its fight against terrorism and that robust border management mechanisms and intelligence cooperation will put a halt to the movement of terrorists across the border. Hence Afghanistan needs to end its obsession with blaming and suspecting Pakistan every now and then for its efforts. Doubting and distrusting Pakistan is not going to resolve the situation. No one can deny that Pakistan has its stakes in Afghanistan. The need to have a functional neighbour along its Western border is not only going to be of great benefit to Pakistan but will also add to the regional stability. 


Peshawar, January 20.