President Donald Trump, in his inaugural speech, has vowed to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism completely from earth. Earlier, he had targeted many Muslims during his presidential election campaign. Indeed, in modern times, terrorism has become a global issue and is considered a major threat to society but it is a mistake to associate all Muslims with terrorism because in reality, a broad array of right wing and left wing political organizations, nationalist, religious and revolutionaries groups along with ruling governments have practiced terrorism to further their objectives.

During the French revolution, tens of thousands people were massacred in the reign of terror war, the Italian neo-fascist militant organisation called NAR, Nuclei Armati Revolutionary had committed murders and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was a militant organization based in Sri Lanka also responsible for the massacre of many in the region. There are about 180 terrorist groups that have operated within India over the last 20 years.

These are just a few instances of multidimensional forms of terrorism. Interestingly, it was the United States who was behind the idea called Islamic extremism. Ronald Reagan and others in the American administration frequently called the mujaheddin “freedom fighters”. Once the Taliban and TTP were blue eyed by America, they have become terrorists. If President Donald Trump is sincere and willing to eradicate the menace that is terrorism, he would have to take the initiative with the help and coordination with the Muslim world.


Faisalabad, January 22.