At the beginning of the new year, astrologers in their half-joking prognostications, predicted 2017 will be the replica of 2007 and it would be a year of judicial activism.

Usually, astrologers are not taken seriously but strangely the forecast are proving to be true as the year is progressing.

Year 2007 was a period of struggle activism and tough decisions. People from all walks of life became united to restore the sacked Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry.

After a long debacle CJ was restored and an ending episode of suo motos started. Every other day officials, politicians and elite were humiliated, reprimanded and bashed during the long sittings of the courts.

The expectations of massive reforms in the judicial system of the country – and the restoration of system – through tickle down effect – were natural. Public and media backed every move; even obvious meddling in the affairs of the State, by travelling beyond its jurisdictional domain, was ignored.

But soon the supporters realized that the symptomatic treatment through sou motos failed to bring any real change in the life of an ordinary man. All the judicial adventurism could only bring change – face change and the system became even worst.

Merit continued to be buried deep inside the grave - unqualified people were appointed at top slots - new records of looting the national kitty were set - short term solutions of the grave problems were invented just for the personal gains.

Now after eleven years of the hibernation, the judiciary is becoming active again. Elites have been called in same old fashion and are ridiculed. Issues related to common man are being taken up on fast track basis. Despite strong criticism from some quarters CJ is busy doing his job - dawn to dusk.

My first meeting with Justice Saqib Nisar, was few years ago, when I was included in the commission set to probe the death of Journalist Saleem Shahzad.

At that time, I found him a polite, down to earth and complaint officer, who listened to long sermons of journalists with full sympathetic attention.

The result of the long probe of the commission was, however, similar to other such commissions. I still believe probing into a fabricated criminal case against me for reporting a crime – could had been a good start - but may be establishing responsibility of the murder – was the only thing beyond the scope of the commission.

Yesterday after so many years, I saw Justice Saqib Nisar, again, when his address to judicial officials was telecasted live.

This time, I found him altogether a different man.

His every word was full of passion and a deep rooted desire to do something for the betterment of the country.

But his commitment failed to surprise me, as being journalist this is what I witness every other day.

Whenever someone becomes head of any institution, he is religiously excited and committed to do something extra ordinary for the country. His subordinates and close embed in his every gene that he is the true messiah.

But the passion goes to gutter when the he face realities of the system - or when he have to deal with some influential property dealer or some strong institution.

He realizes that the system - which has been destroyed with great engineering efforts, does not support any honest official, by default.

Chief justice Saqib Nisar is also very active like Iftikhar chaudhry to bring real change in the life of ordinary man.

But, like former CJ all his attentions seems concentrated towards individuals and not the system. It may seems uphill task but only massive reforms could bring real change.

The system devised by British rulers’ centuries ago was aimed to support and extend their rule on locals.

After the independence the elite continued with the same model with minor adjustments.

Whoever raised question- his voice was suppressed – he was humiliated or was murdered financially. The propaganda models -Noam Chomsky talk about today had been in place from decades and decades in our country.

Social fabric was tarnished. The oneness of state was shattered into pieces after institutions waged meaningless war against each other. States with in the state were born.

A system where millions and millions of rupees are required to win ordinary elections, where bribes and political obedience is mandatory for any appointment - from police station head to chief of any institution - the expectations of honesty are unrealistic and stupid.

In a system where you can’t get even a copy of any document from any court without bribe, calling some corrupt politician and bashing him – is just wastage of time and resources.

For the correction of system, country needs a long term road map on finance with a specific blue print of internal and external security matters and foreign relations.

Any single step for the revival of system would make Judiciary a real “hero”, coming generations will worship them, otherwise history of full of people who thought of himself as indispensable, but after retirement they just vanished.