ISLAMABAD - Paramount Sports owner M Imran Zafar has said that he is keen to promote club cricket and ready to help genuine cricketing talent of twin cities.”

Talking to The Nation, Imran, who is a die-heart sports promoter of twin-cities, said: “Pakistan is blessed with immense amount of talent and I am here to help the youth of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to get their due status. I have played cricket at club and college level, but due to politics, education and business, I couldn’t find time to fulfill my passion of playing cricket for the country.

“Cricket runs in my blood, that’s why I started a shop of goods ‘Paramount Sports’ in Rawalpindi in 2014. I am providing kit bags to national and international players and also importing English bats from UK and distributing them in Pakistan, America, England, Australia, USA, Canada, Austria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Hong Kong, South Africa and Netherlands,” he added.

He said he didn’t start Paramount Sports to earn money but to provide finest stuff to the players. “I also time-to-time distribute free of cost cricket gears to deserving players as I feel it is my national and moral duty to help the deserving ones.”

Imran said after successfully establishing the Paramount Group of Companies, now he has decided to register a club in the name of ‘Paramount Sports’ in Rawalpindi district. “In the initial stages, we will play at district level, but with the passage of time, I will ensure Paramount Club play Grade-II cricket first and then the first class cricket,” he said and added: “I feel without providing international exposure, we can’t produce quality cricketers. I will bear expenses of quality players and will take them to England and other countries.”

He promised to visit different schools and colleges to find out grass-root level talent and provide them with a platform, where they can train and groom for national and international cricket. “I will travel to each and every corner of the country to unearth talent and want to help Pakistan cricket without any lust,” Imran concluded.