MULTAN - PTI defector MNA Ayesha Gullalai on Thursday announced to form her own political party saying that she would join neither PML-N and PPPP as these parties have family politics.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club along with PML-N and PTI leaders, she declared that if Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif or PPP leader Zardari usurped public rights, she would rise against them. “I am not afraid of anyone,” she added.

She stressed upon the people to vote for capable and literate candidates with good character and reject pressure from the feudal lords and capitalists in coming elections. “It is the only way to turn the country into Quaid’s Pakistan,” she asserted.

She claimed that political interference was quite visible in interrogation of Mishaal murder case. “That’s why PTI’s Arif and other proclaimed offenders were not arrested by police while many other accused were released due to faulty investigation,” she added.

She called for sending the case to a military court, saying it would block the way of political intervention and all the criminals involved in the murder would be caught and punished.

She said that oblivion from the teachings of Islam was the major reason behind tragic incidents like murder of Mishaal Khan, Zainab and Asma Bibi. She added that all the accused involved in murder of Mishaal were students of Bacha Khan University. She told the journalists that she visited a religious school in Muzaffargarh and observed that the students were offered both religious and contemporary education. She urged upon the religious schools, clerics and Islamic Council of Ideology to play their role for elimination of terrorism and sectarianism besides promoting religious harmony.

She demanded the government allocate funds for religious schools as they could not be run on just charity. “The government should fix scales for the teachers of religious schools and pay their salaries,” she demanded.

She said that some leaders believed in the forecasts given by fortune tellers and believed that they would come into power as told by the fortune tellers. “It’s against our faith. They should not play with the faith of others,” she added. To a query, she said that those talked about justice stood with Jahangir Tarin sugar mafia.

She said that she was in favour of Saraiki Province and if PML-N gave her opportunity, she would talk on the issue in the parliament. She suggested to Shahbaz Sharif to focus on development of South Punjab instead of acting like Parvez Khattak.