LAHORE -  The Lahore High Court on Thursday directed the attorney general of Pakistan to assist the court in a petition seeking amendment to laws to publicly hang paedophiles, rapists and killers of minor children.

Justice Shahid Jamil Khan passed the order on petition moved by Barrister Javed Iqbal Jafree who moved the petition in wake of recent incidents of rape and murder of minor girls in Kasur and other parts of the country.

The lawyer-petitioner submitted that increasing incidents of children’ sexual abuse was horrific. He said that absence of harder punishment for the perpetrators was the main reason behind the rise in such incidents. He stated that in order to create deterrence in society, those who were involved in such crimes should be hanged publicly.

Barrister Javed Iqbal Jafree pleaded in his petition that increasing incidents of child sexual abuse had been causing a deep sense of fear and distrust among the citizens. He believed that unavailability of harsh punishment for the perpetrators was the main reason behind the rise in such incidents.

 He said punishment for the rapists and killers must be harsh enough to create deterrence in the society, otherwise, controlling such crimes would become almost impossible.

 The lawyer said since the existing criminal laws did not carry sentence of public hangings, which had become a dire need of the time to curb sexual abuse of the children.

He prayed the court to order federal government to introduce amendment in the laws and insert punishment of “public hanging” for those convicted in cases of raping and killings minors.  After hearing arguments of the lawyer petitioner, Justice Khan sought assistance from the attorney general for Pakistan and adjourned further hearing until Feb 13.