“And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

–Paul McCartney

Today marks the day, The Beatles performed in front of a 73 million recording breaking crowd at the Ed Sullivan Show in the USA. Widely regarded as the most famous rock-pop band of all time, The Beatles shattered records and became the defining entity in the genre. However, it was not always like this for The Beatles – despite perceptions otherwise. In the initial period, they did not get tractions for their songs and even the leading record label of their time – Decca Records – did not sign them. This was their big failure, at the start. However, personally there is a lot to learn from The Beatles’ work. Hearing the tapes back, they reformed their style; filled in their team gaps and began to write anew. This just shows the value of perseverance, above all. If one can keep going despite the crushing nature of defeats, the world can be at your feet.