LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Thursday issued a notice of charge to cricketer Nasir Jamshed, wherein he has been charged with multiple violations of the PCB anti-corruption code for participants.

"Nasir Jamshed has been charged with violations of articles 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4 and 2.4.4 of the PCB anti-corruption code and he has now 14 days to respond to the Notice of Charge," said PCB spokesman.

Jamshed is already facing a one-year period of ineligibility imposed on him vide the PCB Anti-Corruption Tribunal's Order on December 11, 2017 for breaching Article 2.4.6 of the Code. "The PCB remains resilient in its fight against corruption in cricket. Upon action initiated by the PCB the Anti-Corruption Tribunal has already banned two cricketers, namely Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, after they were found guilty on all charges of corrupt conduct alleged against them," he said. "The conviction of both cricketers was subsequently upheld on an appeal by an independent adjudicator,” he added.