This is with reference to insulting remarks “Cursing (Lanat to) Parliament” uttered by MNA Sheikh Rasheed while addressing public meeting on 17 January in Lahore, to protest the alleged brutal killing of 14 citizens. As for Tahir Qadri, he is neither a parliamentarian, nor qualified to contest election, because of his Canadian citizen.

What is disturbing are similar comments by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who enjoys popular support and stands a good chance to become PM if his political party gets majority seats in next general election to be held in 2018. All law abiding, taxpaying citizen of Pakistan, including myself are thoroughly disappointed with governance, deliverance, lack of transparency and merit by government headed by former PM Nawaz Sharif. Similarly members of both ruling party and opposition have failed to perform their constitutional role, by continuous lack of quorum and inability to keep a check on government’s performance and dismal economic policies on floor of parliament.

I would request PTI Chairman to take back his comments which violate the sanctity of parliament and 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, because the parliament derives its power from constitution and not from PM or any political party. He must however share part of responsibility for abstaining from current sessions NA, although primary responsibility falls on Speaker and Leader of House and Opposition.

It is moral and constitutional obligation of every law abiding citizen to respect institution of parliament and office of PM. while having democratic right to disagree and criticize them. In USA President Trump’s most vocal Democratic opponent Senator Cory Booker when asked by CNN whether he will boycott his Annual Address to joint session, replied he will not, because he respects office of President.


Lahore, January 18.