islamabad - Universal Interfaith Peace Mission welcomed arrival of King Abdullah II of Jordan on 2-day official visit to Pakistan, a press statement said on Thursday.

The UIPM Chairman Dr GR Chishti said that this was a good omen for the country that King Abdullh II had arrived in Pakistan at a time when the UIPM was celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week.

“If entire Muslim world adopts Common Word message then it will open ways of interfaith harmony all over the world,” said Dr Chishti, adding that in these programmes, the true essence of World Interfaith Harmony Week, which was drafted by Dr Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan and presented at the UN by King Abdullah II of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan were highlighted in true letter and spirit.

“The WIHW encompasses the message for the people around the world and wants to tell them that pointless bloodshed in the name of religion originating hysteria around the globe necessitates making intensive hard work to bring together faiths and cultures on a platform”, he said.

He said that it was need of the hour that declaration of ex-communication and blame of infidelity among rival religious groups should be declared null and void.

“The UIPM has duly adopted the ‘Amman Message’ and the ‘Common Word’ as an Integral part of it, believing that the first document is antidote to cancer of sectarianism in Islam that invites all schools of thought of Islam to stop issuing decrees of infidelity, heresy”, he said.

Dr Chishti said that the UIPM had officially adopted the Common Word and Amman Message and had requested Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony to make them part of national educational curriculum so that culture of interfaith harmony might prevail.

He said that the UIPM was celebrating the WIHW through different ceremonies and would conclude with Interfaith Harmony Mela on February 28.