LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on Friday saw another unruly scene over the Opposition demand for taking up its motion on the NAB Chairman’s grievance against the Punjab government, which led to adjournment of the session till Monday.

Following the question hour, Leader of the Opposition wanted the chair, Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, to get explanation from the Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan on the NAB chairman’s remarks that the Punjab government was not providing 'required information' on projects to further investigations into the criminal cases against the Punjab government.

Leader of Opposition Mian Mahmoodur Rashid wanted the chair to take up his motion out of turn, but the chair did not allow the request and sought the same to come through due process and in turn. In the first instance the House was taken over by a noisy scene created by the Opposition which later begun to chant anti-Sharif slogans and against the Punjab government. The chair adjourned the proceedings till Monday afternoon before the situation could turn worse.

During the rumpus, Treasury MPA Waheed Gull wanted leader of Opposition to explain what is meant by the PTI stand that it was standing behind Supreme Court and the NAB when both were constitutional and independent institutions. How can a political party publicly say that it was standing behind them when the PTI leaders were themselves facing cases at both level, he posed.

The opposition, however, neither listened to what Gull said nor replied to him while making noise and chanting slogans.

Earlier, during the question hour, Hassan Riaz, parliamentary secretary of Specialized Health Care and medical Education, in response to a question by Shunila Ruth of the PTI told the House that government plans to establish burn units in different hospitals, but funds have not been allocated for this purpose in the Annual Development Plan for the current fiscal year.

To another question, he replied, the government has recently established a 91-bed burn unit at Mayo Hospital the city has needs to treat up to 500 burn patients at a time in case of emergency situation or in any contingency. He was responding to a question by Nosheen Hamid, on the absence of burn unit facility at any hospital in the southern part of the city as such the burnt patients have to be moved to Mayo or Jinnah Hospital.

Earlier, Dr Waseem Akhater of the Jamaat-e-Islami, expressed dissatisfaction with answer given by the parliamentary secretary and said that in this Bahawalpur constituency health facilities were negligible and the government had not answered why this callous attitude by the 'Takhat Lahore' was being meted out to the people of that part of Southern Punjab. He grumbled that officialdom had knowledge of the plight of the people of that part, leave alone plans to improve their lot.

“All funds are being utilized on Lahore only for the reason that it was Chief Minister constituency and his hometown and a high political stake city of the PML-N. Perhaps Bahawalpur and other cities of the South Punjab are away enough to arouse interest of the rulers to take care of plight of the people there,” he added.

On the government business day, the Terasury government had to introduce two bills (the university of Sialkot and the university of Narowal) and laying of reports on Parks and Horticulture Authorities (Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Lahore, Bahawalpur and Rawalpindi) but neither could be taken up and the noisy protest started. The chair fearing the opposition pointing out the quorum, which was incomplete since morning, preferred to the put of the session till Monday afternoon.