ISLAMABAD -  Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal says the US Administration has hinted that economic aid to Pakistan will not be stopped.

In an interview with BBC, he said that different lobbies are working in the US and want to introduce bills in US Congress of their own choice.

He said the US is using different war tactics in Afghanistan according to its new policy. He said the geography of Pakistan and Afghanistan is the same and Pakistan is the only important and supportive country for the United States in the region.

Regarding safe havens, the minister quoted US as saying that 45 percent of Afghan territory is under control of extremists and there is no reason for them to have sanctuaries in Pakistan.

To another question about killing of Chinese citizens, he said Pakistan has established a strong force of 10,000 personnel for their protection but neighbouring India which has undue apprehensions may be behind the killing.

He said Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadev who is under arrest on charges of espionage has also admitted that there is an Indian spy network to sabotage the CPEC.

While in an interview with Washington Times, the interior minister said the United States needs Pakistan’s assistance to get success in its war plan in Afghanistan.

He said solution to the Afghanistan issue is not possible without close collaboration between Pakistan and the United States. Ahsan said mistrust between Washington and Islamabad risks triggering an era of instability across the region. He said there is no hideout of terrorists in Pakistan and the distance between the two countries is increasing due to baseless allegations by the Trump Administration.

He said if Pakistan’s security concerns are denied it has a legitimate right to look for alternatives.