Education is increasingly becoming a business in Pakistan. Establishing a private school offers a great opportunity to those who are looking to earn money. Most parents think that they are sending their children to private schools to shape their children’s future. What they do not realize is that these private schools are actually just a money minting business. Rather than providing the best quality of education, they are involved in making more profits. They continue to increase fee bills every few months but fail to provide the top quality facilities like computer and science labs. Even the quality of education is compromised by not employing accomplished teachers who would demand higher salaries. While we are aware of these problems, we are not doing enough to tackle it. We continue to be looted, and don’t even protest in retaliation.  We need to come together to challenge this monopoly that private schools continue to have over the education system, and should demand better education for our children at reasonable costs.


Turbat, January 23.