The youth of Karachi organize and take part in racing competitions on Karachi’s main road Shahr-e-Faisal at midnight, which continues till sun rise. For the sake of only a few thousand rupees, our youngsters put their lives at stake as they drive recklessly, and do one-wheeling. They also make bets with one another and ride their bikes by lying down on them. On a few occasions, some participants even kick their opponents’ bikes, which has resulted in many horrible accidents and fatalities. t

Concerned authorities need to look into this matter seriously at the earliest so that lives can be saved, because young deaths are a cause of great grief and suffering for the familities of the victims. There is an immediate need to ban racing in cities, and anyone who is seen to engage in such activities should not only be punished but their driving licenses should also be taken away.

On other hand, concerned authorities should come up with other constructive activities to engage the youth, instead of allowing destructive ones like racing competitions at a provincial and national level.


Karachi, January 20