First, a coup was orchestrated against the late Hugo Chavez, but the people of Venezuela rejected the coup makers. Now the US is backing another coup against the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro. People in Caracas know Juan Guaido well and those who are pulling his strings. The whole world knows without having any doubt that the US has played the leading role in destabilising that country. The sanctions that Trump imposed on Venezuela cost Maduro’s government $6 billion in just one year.

Since the sanctions against Caracas could not achieve the desired results for the hawks sitting in Washington, hence a man from within has to uproot the political setup. One more time, the US president has violated the principle of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country by appointing Elliot Abrams –a well-known hawk and someone who had supported military juntas across Latin America– as Trump’s special envoy and tasked with overseeing democracy efforts.

In the midst of all the chaos, the most mind-boggling statement comes from the US secretary of state who thinks that Hezbollah is active in Venezuela. No one in their right mind will ever believe in the lies the US establishment constantly create to create public consensus. So far the US has not come up with any conclusive evidence that suggests so. On the contrary, the failure to show the link between Hezbollah and Venezuelan government is snatching away the last remaining credibility from the US officials.

If Mike Pompeo has any sense of history, he would not have asked Maduro’s regime to allow humanitarian aid in the country, because the economic chaos that the country is witnessing is a result of American sanctions against Venezuela. John Bolton’s remarks that US military will help deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela opposition demands recall of history when in the 1980s when Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) armed Contra rebels in Nicaragua under the guise of delivering “humanitarian aid.” True that amnesia is dominant in America when it comes to world politics and affairs. However, this pathology has not affected the people of Latin America who know the long history of American interventions and toppling of popular governments in the region. 

Pompeo and his cohort of hawks, probably forget that whenever the US intervenes the results are always disasters. The regime change formula that the US is so keen on has always led to greater human sufferings and instabilities in the countries where such actions take place. The burden of controlling and putting the US warmongers in place lies on US citizenry’s shoulders.