In the preceding week, an announcement has been made that universities in Faisalabad will be celebrating 14 February 2019 as “Sisters’ Day” instead of “Valentine’s Day” to promote Islamic traditions. The Vice chancellor has further revealed that the female students will be provided with scarves, gowns and shawls. The vice chancellor’s remarks are clearly an indication of rebranding Valentine’s Day with the glaze of respectability towards women.

Females in an Islamic state should go to educational institutions but it seems as though the norms and religious values are only for the women to follow. An initiative such as this is only reinforcing male chauvinism as women are once again being given a very silent role to play in this entire situation. I do not understand what can be achieved by a man giving a scarf to a woman and asking her to be his sister, when in reality most men do not hold such views.


Gujrat, January 20