FAISALABAD-Police have arrested 14 person over one-wheeling, over speeding and road blocking in the city during last 24 hours.

According to police report issued here on Saturday, three persons -- Shahzad, Sanaullah and Khalil had setup illegal stalls of dry fruits in front of their shops in clock tower chowk. Traffic police officials asked the shopkeepers to remove stalls but they did not remove. The police concerned arrested them on the report of traffic police official. A youth Arasalan was arrested from Landa Bazaar, Rajbah road on the charge of one wheeling.

Meanwhile, Kashif from Subhanullah chowk, Ahsan from Jawad Club chowk, Bashir Alam and Saad from 74-JB, Zahid from Sheikhupura road, Ali from Lasani Pulli, and Asgar Ali from 45-GB were arrested on the violation of traffic laws.