Rawalpindi-The administration of Adiala Jail on Saturday recovered a number of prohibited devices and mobile phones from possession of several prisoners.

According to Adiala jail sources, the administration of the Adiala Jail has decided to launch a search operation on the complaints of the presence of several prohibited items with the prisoners in the jail.

Several cell phones were recovered from the possession of the prisoners while two accused were receiving cash from the heirs of the prisoners on their mobile account of various cash services, were nabbed.

In a report released by Punjab prison department in July 2019, around 7,364 mobile phones were recovered from prisoners in Punjab jails.

During operations in jails of Punjab, 7,346 mobile phones, 2,271 SIM cards and 1,627 chargers were recovered from the possession of inmates.

The report revealed that the Lahore region had topped the list where 3,262 phones were recovered. 1,488 and 1,212 mobile phones were found in the regions of Rawalpindi and Faisalabad, respectively.

From the Sargodha region, 573 phones were caught while from Multan jails, the number of devices found was 279.

In Bahawalpur and Sahiwal regions, 304 and 246 devices were recovered respectively.