ISLAMABAD - Five dams being constructed to overcome water scarcity in Rawalpindi would be completed by 2023, said official source here on Tuesday.

Talking to APP, he said that the construction of dams including Daduchha Dam, Papin Dam, Mahutta Mohra Dam, Mujahid Dam and Chahan Dam was in full swing right now. Besides providing clean drinking water to residents of garrison city, these dams would also help irrigating around 30,000 acres agriculture land. Punjab government has allocated the funds in the 2021-22 ADP for the completion of the projects. He said that work on Chahan dam has been finished and it would provide water to 42 Union Councils of the district including Kotha Kalan, Lakhan, hak Jalal u Din, Dhamial, Mohri and others. These dams and the reservoirs would also provide recreational areas for the purpose of fishing and also boating. They also cater the insecurity needs of humans by reducing or by preventing the floods. During the times of excess flow of water, the dams store the water in the reservoir; later they release that water during the times of low flow, also when the natural flows of water were inadequate to meet the demand.