Some of the people are not aware of their rights and thus face problems when a policeman or any other law enforcer tries to harass them. Misbehavior by police is intolerable. However, due to the feudal system that is still prevalent in most parts of the country, the police force has always remained under political influence, so as a result, they try to consider themselves above the law and harass the public. Being an ordinary citizen, one can fearlessly tell a policeman that he should behave appropriately. And in case of noncompliance, he can go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. However, due to lack of proper training, our police is showing no positive attitude. The role of civil society organizations assumes all the more importance. They must coordinate with the government to arrange the training workshops for the policemen. This would definitely bring a positive change in the behavior of our police force. ZULFIQAR HAIDER, January 8.