LAHORE Dense fog and heavy winter are playing havoc with land and air traffic leaving hundreds of thousands travelers stranded in the City. The province has been under fog since week, which is badly affecting air, train and road traffic. The cancellation of flights and delaying of trains and buses were causing massive problem for the passengers and their families at the airport, railway station and bus terminals of the city. Almost all the trains from Karachi to Lahore were late for five to six hour, the railway authorities said. The destinations were under heavy fog especially since Monday evening. The source in Lahore Railway Station said that Karakurm Express was late for four hours while Karachi Express, Tezgam, Quetta, Jaffar and Awam Express were late for five hours on Saturday. Similarly, the general managers of the various bus terminals said that buses from Lahore to Islamabd, Multan, Bahawalpur and other southern and central cities of the province were late for three to fours hours. The buses of private companies were facing huge rush due to delay in reaching the destinations. Intense fog was causing huge burden of traffic at National Highways and Motorways. Meanwhile, the heavy winter also affected the flight schedule at Allama Iqbal International Airport. The flights from Manchester, Dubai and Kuwait to Lahore were late while the authorities suspended several domestic flights as well. According to sources some of the international flights were diverted to other destinations. The visibility at the airport was below some meters that caused the cancellation of PIA flights from Peshawar and Doha to the City.