Whether it was the 2000 match fixing scandal or Daryl Hair ball tempering scandal, or whether it was the Death of Bob Woolmer and Sri Lankan cricket team terrorist attacks, Pakistan still achieved much more than a number of other team in the world. We were runner ups of the world T-20 2007, semi-finalist of the Champions Trophy and most importantly champions of the world T-20 2009. From 2001 match fixing scandals, to 2010 spot fixing scandal, Pakistan may have lost its reputation but still we achieved a lot. Sometimes, I wonder how has Pepsi continued to be our main sponsor for more than 10 years given all the controversies and scandals occurring every year. But being a Pakistan cricket supporter and a fan, you will learn that Pakistan cricket is like a star that wins nothing for the day, but when the time is dark, it comes and wins the light. Lets hope like the controversies before, this one also helps us in the ICC 2011 cricket world cup. MOHAMMAD SHAH RUKH KHALID, January 8.