LAHORE - Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP) strongly condemn the brutal killing of Governor Salman Taseer, by his own security guard who was a religious extremist. This incident is symptomatic of the alarming rise of lawlessness and intolerance that has become a part of our society because of a number of complex reasons that must be addressed by the all members of civil society. Citizens should have the right to debate laws and social issues without threat of harm or loss of life. We must unite as a nation to eradicate the intolerance and extremism that has penetrated our society. We must recognize that although we have a right to disagree with the views held by anyone, there can be absolutely no justification for any individual taking the law into his own hands. Respect for law is the cornerstone of a civilized society. We urge the media to inculcate in viewers the need to respect the Rule of Law. We urge all thinking individuals not to remain silent, but to call upon the government to immediately take measures to prevent the misuse of the blasphemy law, and to create awareness among the public about the need for tolerance and the dangers brought about by abuse of law, particularly in the name of our religion Islam, which is first and foremost a religion of peace.