It is believed that legal education at school level is important and can work wonders keeping in view the problems faced by our society. It is, indeed, the 'rule of law, that draws the essential difference between human society and animal world. It is legal education that plays an important role in promoting social justice. Education or awareness of laws is an investment, which if wisely made, particularly, at tender age of citizens when they are either in school or in college, will produce most beneficial results for the nation and accelerate the pace of development. The need for imparting legal education for school going children as well for the college students has been felt for long. In the light of the changed scenario in the country there is an urgent need for legal-literacy in the country. Hence, it is proposed that the subject of law may be introduced both at the school and college level which may give fundamental knowledge such as FIR (First Information Report). The people must know where the FIR should be lodged? It is a pity that many degree holders do not know about FIR and where to lodge it and whether money should be paid to the police for the FIR or not. Unfortunately, it is in vogue across the country, particularly, in Sindh that people pay thousands of rupees to the police just for the FIR to be lodged even when their cases are genuine. Because people usually criticize the President and Prime Minister for inflation and do not utter even a single word against those who are with magisterial powers to inspect the markets. All such fundamental knowledge of the law of the land should be gathered in a booklet and given to the citizens and especially distributed in schools. Legal education is essentially a multi-disciplined, multi-purpose education which can develop the human resource and idealism needed to strengthen the legal system. Indeed, such education would be able to contribute to national development and social change in a much more constructive manner. Therefore, among others, the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Federal bodies and provincial education and law departments are requested to make collective efforts for legal-literacy by introducing the law as a subject at the school/college level. HAHSIM ABRO, Islamabad, January 8.