KARACHI - PPP and MQM relations are being dominated by political expediency in the garb of political reconciliation. Both the parties are working for enhancing their party interests by conceding ground to each other at the federal level. However, at the Sindh level things are different. The PPP cadre in Sindh is known for its anti-MQM sentiments, which were seen time and again in the statements of provincial ministers. Sources said recent threat of PPP of introducing commissionerate bill was totally against the interests of its coalition partner, which was feeling uncomfortable with the move, which might have forced MQM to soften its stand on leaving the government. The PPP, which felt threatened at the federal level, moved wisely and succeeded in bringing back MQM in the government fold. They are aware that with the passage of time, the MQM will further relent politically and would join the Federal Cabinet also, may with bigger strength, they added. The PPP has succeeded in averting tabling of no-confidence move and change of the premiership by winning back MQM. Numerically the PPP government at Islamabad, which had turned into a minority government after exit of MQM, has become majority government. They are of the view that PPP needs MQM at the federal level but not at the provincial level where it can rule without its urban-based coalition partner. The PPP is hostage to its own interests and it needs MQM. At the same time the MQM is hostage to its own interests in Sindh where it gets maximum concession on the condition of supporting the Federal Government, they argued. For the time being the hawkish elements in PPP Sindh are lying low because it was the need of the hour. They have put back their dagger in scabbard but those will get out the moment they feel that it was needed to corner MQM. The hawkish PPP guns have suddenly fell silent under the orders of its high command. They have been advised not to issue emotional and provocative statements to keep the political boat steady. PPP Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza is keeping discreet silence but he has refused to withdraw all the allegations that he had levelled against his coalition partner recently. His vitriolic statement, said to be given after a nod from the high-ups, had triggered a political storm that almost removed PM Gilani's government. When asked about the status of allegation on MQM, these sources said that allegations were based on facts collected by the sensitive agencies and Home Minister Mirza had stated whatever being given to him officially. There was nothing personal. Those allegations still stand, the sources added. They said that bill on Commissionerate System and serious allegations levelled by the Home Minister were like stick in the hands of the ruling party which could be used at an opportune time in future if the behaviour of coalition partner goes against the interests of the PPP, they added.