LAHORE Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Senator Zafar Ali Shah has said Federal Law Minister Babar Awan is making futile efforts of dividing lawyers community by issuing misleading statements regarding Salman Taseers case. If Babar Awan thinks that investigation of the case is not going towards right direction, then he should submit his power of attorney on behalf of petitioner, he suggested, while addressing a press conference held here on Saturday. He was accompanied by his Partys MNA Naseer Bhutta and other lawyers were also present on the occasion. While maintaining that the PML-N condemned the politics of violence, and PPP was doing politics on Salman Taseers case, Senator Zafar said it had been the habit of Babar Awan in the past as well that he had been endeavouring for the division of lawyers by disbursing crores of rupees among them during his visits of the country in aeroplane. Awan has repeated the same act by issuing an irresponsible statement about Salman Taseers murder case. But the lawyers community is as united as was during the movement of restoration of judiciary, he said, while adding that as a law minister Babar Awan had no right to comment on Salman Taseers case and by issuing such statements, Awan was trying to influence the investigation of the case. Zafar Ali Shah further said the lawyers had accepted the supremacy of law and constitution, and were the custodian of maintaining law and order in the country. While replying to a question, Zafar Ali Shah said the advocate, who garlanded accused Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri was not the office-bearer of Muslim League-N Lawyers Wing as the process of organisation of the PML-N had not completed as yet. The advocate, who garlanded Qadri, belongs to chamber of Babar Awan. Secondly, garlanding the accused was an emotional act, and the PML-N does not have any connection with it, he added, while asserting that the PPP should not worry about the interrogation of this case as this is being carried out by the federal agencies in Islamabad.