LAHORE -PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said he believes that people want change because they are fed up with the present sham democracy which has destroyed them. He said democracy should have brought welfare for the people but, he regrets, its fruits were never realised by the people of Pakistan, especially the salaried class, labourers and peasants. In an exclusive interview with TheNations Sunday Plus, Imran said youth would bring his party to power. Quoting a British Council survey, he said 90pc people under the age of 30 wanted change in the country and 70pc of countrys population comprised of young people. He said electoral rolls were last updated in 2006 and since then four million voters were coming every year, and by the next elections, there would be 24m new voters who would vote in the coming polls for a change. Imran said the PPP was only relying on 8m voters, while 24m new voters would upset the previous voting trends in favour of a change, and the change means Tehreek-e-Insaaf which was the only party which had not been tested so far. He said the PTI was the only party which had stood for principles and people trusted it, adding that the PTI would make coalition with honest people in the next general election. To a question how he believed that people would not elect the PPP and PML-N again, the PTI chief said days of these two parties were over because they had disappointed the masses and now the people wanted to get rid of them. They had tested both the parties, and most importantly, he continued, it would be for the first time that next polls would be taking place under an independent media, while an independent election commission and free judiciary would also ensure their transparency. He was confident that Pakistan would enter into a golden age of genuine democracy when the next elections would be supervised by an independent election commission, independent judiciary and free media. These three things together would ensure free, fair and transparent elections, he averred. When asked why he insisted on fresh elections and what change would the exercise bring about, Imran replied that 2008 elections were contested under PCO which was annulled by the Supreme Court on November 3, 2007, so the elections were basically illegal, but his party accepted the results as peoples mandate, adding that from then onwards the democratic process was stalled as conspiracies were hatched against the independent judiciary after that, and lawyers were divided by giving them bribe. So the only democratic way left to dislodge the government were mid-term elections, he said.