LAHORE The PML-N-led Punjab government is not likely to crumble or to be harmed in case it expels the PPP ministers from the cabinet, for which the party has fixed Monday (tomorrow) as the deadline while giving time to the PPP to meet the 10-point agenda for the betterment of the masses and the country. The support of the Atta Manika-led the PML-Q forward bloc has once again become pivotal to shore up the Shahbaz government in case the PPP, with 104 MPAs, decides to withdraw support. According to Saba Sadiq Advocate, a forward bloc member, their current strength is 48, which can swell further. Reiterating affiliation with the Shahbaz govt, she said, They would vote for the PML-N, whether it is open or secret balloting, no matter what the consequences are. Saba says other members of the PML-Q are in contact with them; therefore, their number can surpass that of the other faction, on the basis of which, they would invoke their pending application before the speaker for recognition as a parliamentary party. The constitutional experts also find Shahbaz govt not faltering and on sound footings. PML-Q Senator SM Zafar says if the forward bloc votes for Shahbaz govt, their ballots would be counted as valid; however, the move would also risk losing their membership in the Punjab Assembly under of Article 63A, defection clause, of the Constitution. He said on the part of the forward bloc, it would amount to giving life to the Punjab govt at their own cost. To a question whether the forward bloc vote to the PML-N govt would be open to challenge before the Supreme Court, he rely was no. It would not be challengeable for casting vote is a legitimate constitutional right of every member. However, he says if the PML-Q parliamentary party head directs the members to vote for or otherwise in the no-trust motion while the Manika group goes against the directions or abstains itself, the process of disqualification would come into operation, which however, is a lengthy one. When asked in case the forward bloc surpasses the number of PML-Q parliamentary party in the House, would it get the recognition as a parliamentary party immune of any disqualification proceedings, Zafar replied, A provision is available to this effect in the Indian Constitution, but in ours, nothing is there. As such the parliamentary party in the house at the beginning would continue to enjoy that status no matter the defectors exceed in number. As to any change he predicts about the Punjab govt in the time to come, he said he did not see any. He said the PML-N in Punjab and the PPP in centre would continue to govern as majority parties. He also do not see any midterm elections for the reason no party would like to have them just two years before end of the incumbent govts term. PPP leader and senior jurist Aitzaz Ahsan says as a consequence of voting contrary to the desire of parliamentary party, the forward bloc members would face disqualification, which is elaborated clearly in the Article 63A of the Constitution. Former judge of the Lahore High Court Aamir Raza Khan subscribes to the viewpoint that the forward bloc would be counted as valid. However, in case secret balloting is held on the trust-seeking or no-trust motion against the Shahbaz govt, it would very difficult to judge whether all the votes for the govt belong to the forward bloc. Furthermore, if the number of defectors exceeds their declared figure, the matter would further be aggravated to ascertain who the others are. To a question can the apex court intervene as it also scrutinising the 18th Amendment which also incorporates the defection clause, he said no. The Supreme Court has not suspended the operation of the amendment; as such no interference is possible.