LAHORE - Apparently the stage is set for the final bout between the PML-N and PPP in Punjab, however, the political stakeholders of the province while deferring it till January 10, the PML-Ns deadline to PPP are also making new political alignments. Mian Atta Maneka, leader of the Forward Bloc in Punjab Assembly comprising members of PML-Q talking to The Nation on Saturday claimed that the bloc would express its support of 47 members to PML-N if the need arises, while the bloc would also render an application to the Speaker Punjab Assembly next week seeking the position of Opposition Leader in the Provincial Assembly, as they carry the majority. Maneka while answering a query regarding adjustments of blocs members as provincial Ministers in case the PPP Ministers would be sacked if the PPP-led Federal government fails to meet the PML-Ns January 10 deadline, he said that bloc members would support the Muslim League government in the province unconditionally. He said that the real stage for a political battle in Punjab would be set after the January 10 deadline. He said that it might be possible that PPP okays some of the points of the PML-Ns reforms agenda for gaining time to ease pressure. While, the PPP and PML-Q would make their efforts for another showdown during the time, which the PPP leadership might gain by saying yes to some of the proposals of the PML-N. About the unity among the ranks of the Forward Bloc, he claimed that the group was very much intact so far. Regarding contacts from PML-Q and PPP to get the support of Forward Bloc, Maneka said that neither PML-Q nor PPP has contacted them so far, as the real time contacts would be started after January 10 deadline of PML-N, however, the bloc members would firm on their stand regarding continuing supporting the PML-N. On the question of disqualification in case the bloc members vote for PML-N in Punjab, he said that they would ready to face all consequences. In March 2009, when the Federal government imposed Governors rule in Punjab in a bid to change the PML-N government, it was the same Forward Bloc, which protected the Shahbaz Sharif government. Chaudhary Zaheer-ud-Din, PML-Q General Secretary Punjab, when contacted said that his party would take any action against the dissidents only when they vote for PML-N candidate in case of no-trust motion. He said that PML-Q would welcome the PPP or the PML-N on Opposition benches and would not become part of 'puppet show of Punjab. Chaudhary Zaheer said that it was the problem of the provincial government to show majority in case it faces no-confidence motion in the future, while the PML-Q was practising the policy of 'wait and see. When contacted, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, senior PML-N leader said that the time hasnt come as yet for making definitive statements, while the decision of provincial ministries could be taken up when the need arises. It is to be mentioned here, the 371-member Punjab Assembly has 171 MPAs from the PML-N, 107 from PPP and 85 from PML-Q. While, the Forward Bloc claims the strength of 47, which leaves the PML-Q with only 38 members.