ISLAMABAD - The Intelligence Bureau will screen all the personnel of Capital Police deputed for security of VVIPs after the assassination of governor Punjab Salman Taseer by his own security guard. The decision had been taken after due deliberations between the high-ups of Federal Interior Ministry and the Capital Police. The IB had been taken on board in this regard. The Security Wing of the Islamabad Police has started the initial process to collect personal data of all the personnel of Elite Force as well as other police personnel who are deputed with the VIPs for their security. 'Personnel Data Forms have been distributed among the police personnel who after filling these completely will submit it with the security wing and that further would be forwarded to IB for verification and screening. The data forms contain all the basis information about security personnel including his name, education, caste, place of domicile and others. IB will screen as well as scrutinise the security personnel after getting due information from the respective police stations and the native towns of any police official. IB will also verify that from which school of religious thought specific police personnel belonged to and whether or not he has any links with any militant or religious organisation in past or present. The incident of assassination of Salman Taseer by his own security guard had raised serious questions over verification mechanism adopted by civilian intelligence agencies including IB and special branch that is done at the time of recruitment of any police personnel in the department. In addition to that, usually similar screening is done before their deployment at the VVIP security duty. Some observers are of the view that the screening of any security personnel is done without adopting the due process that is necessary for this purpose due to the lack of resources and infrastructure.