Due to the ill planning of the Sui Gas department, several sectors of the Capital city are without gas causing problems for the residents in the chilly weather. Residents of sectors G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, F-6 and I-8 sectors are suffering immensely due to low gas pressure and often no gas pressure at all. The residents said that it is barbaric that we are made to suffer in this chilly weather. They said that turning the heater on has become a luxury they cant even cook meals and have to eat out which has upset their budget and are unable to afford it every single day. They lamented that we proudly claim ourselves to be a nuclear state but the people are made to suffer and are made to live the days of Stone Age. In some sectors there has been no gas since the past 2 and 3 weeks. Sources told that the situation has emerged due to the ill planning of the Sui Gas officials. They said that the Sui Gas dept without taking into consideration domestic consumers had given out a large number of licenses to the CNG station owners. Due to this the domestic consumers are made to suffer. The residents said that despite repeated complaints to the Sui Gas department no one is ready to listen to their woos. They have appealed to senior authorities to take notice of the situation and mitigate their sufferings.