LAHORE - Employees and Associations of PIA have termed latest MoU between PIA and Turkish airline a death warrant as the managements recent secret step to terminate airline operations in Istanbul is tantamount to shut down the operations of an international airline. Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA), Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP), PIAs Senior Staff Association (PIASSA), Peoples Unity, Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA), Aircraft Technologist Association of Pakistan (ATAP) criticised this act of PIA management in a joint statement. They said this act would be a potential cause of an unswerving loss to the national flag carrier. President PALPA Sohail Baluch said the termination of flight operation in Turkey will not only minimize the revenue of the airline but will cut down its size to a meager regional domestic carrier. President PALPA said that the Pakistanis mostly opt for national flag carrier for simple reasons of local native language speaking crew and direct flight to avoid hassle of changing planes at foreign destination. President CBA, Kamran Chaudhry, criticising the managements unwise marketing policy to convert an international airline into a regional while giving its global business to other airlines said that now all the employees of PIA will be working to earn profits for another airline while its own shareholders are waiting since years to earn profit from their investments. Shaukat Jamshed, President SAEP, while strongly condemning the action, said the PIA Management has failed to understand the core issues and instead of devising rational strategy for rehabilitation of national flag carrier they are putting the airline into a new dilemma. This action of PIAs management is a live evidence of their incompetence. He said that any category of loss to national flag carrier will not be acceptable to SAEP. He recommended that PIA management should share each and every clause of this agreement with associations and employees because they are the major stakeholders of this airline. President SAEP said that PIA is a symbol of pride to Pakistani expatriates mainly from USA and European routes and they always prefer to travel with national flag carrier because of their affection. The technologically latest fleet like B777-200 and B777-300 is only good for cross Atlantic routes; worlds five star airlines are utilising these aircrafts for single haul flight which takes passengers directly to their destination. He said that this act of management will actively participate in loss because PIA will loose the valued customers and gradual decay in agreed business will drive the national flag carrier into the absolute havoc. SAEP will go in direct confrontation with management to save the national asset. Abid Saleem Khan, President PIASSA has demanded that PIA Management should take the elected representatives of PIA employees into confidence and brief them on the planned arrangement between PIA and Turkish Airline. Employees of PIA will not sit soundless on this deed of PIA management because this airline is not for sale, the President ATAP, Najeeb Ur Rehman, added. He said the decisions like this are based on malafide intentions and the employees will not accept them at all. CBA, PALPA, SAEP, PIASSA and ATAP jointly agreed to knock the door of respectable judiciary if PIA management fails to withdraw from this illogical business strategy. They also requested the honourable Chief Justice Pakistan for taking suo motu action on this national concern.