In a display of sheer brilliance, instead of working on things that are actually important, the Parliament is busy making plans for constructing an extension to their already-magnificent building. Instructions have been given to those working on the proposal that the new wing must be just as grand as the old structure, which means that no expense will be spared for this project. It is great that our representatives are concerned with doing their jobs properly, so much so, that they decide to make their offices more majestic than they already are, in the interest of increasing productivity of course. Debt-ridden as we are, this venture must really be crucial for the development of Pakistan, or else our leaders, with their vast pools of wisdom would not even be considering this.

If any government of Pakistan had actually made some radical improvements to the country, no one would have begrudged expenditures such as this. But the reality is simply that this regime, like all others before it, has made tall claims about what they can do, with no substantial results after almost an entire year in power. There is no end to the list of issues that the PML-N needs to fix, instead we see that as usual, they thrive on their ability to make things look pretty and hand out laptops to all and sundry, in the interests of keeping everyone distracted. Our state has always taken itself a little too seriously, which would have been excusable if they worked hard on making things better for all Pakistanis, but instead they have all the flair with nothing to show for it. And it’s not like the people working in the Parliament are actually going to clean up their act when their offices have been upgraded. Instead, their false illusions of grandeur, if catered to, will only bring about a more lethargic attitude.

Expecting the government to do their job in Pakistan is optimism verging on insanity. When there are no more terrorists, a strong economy, and an infrastructure that does not break down repeatedly, then the Parliament can cater to its own whims of roaming about in offices that make them feel like they are actually doing something worthwhile. For once, do something the right way around, and try fixing the real problems of the country. Once, you have enough money, you can build all the fancy buildings you want.