LAHORE - JI chief Syed Munawwar Hassan has questioned the insistence of Pervez Musharraf’s lawyers that the former president should be sent abroad for medical treatment, though he, according to doctors, hasn’t been suffering from any disease that could not be treated in the country.

Talking to the party leaders at Mansoora Wednesday, he maintained that legal and personal advisors of the former military dictator had been coining pretexts to allow him go free from the treason case. He added that first they tried to prove his life was in danger by discovering explosives near his residence, and now he was suddenly suffering from mysterious heart disease that was not there the minute before he moved from his house to appear before the court.

The JI chief remarked that the law should be equal for the rich and poor, and if Musharraf was allowed to go abroad, it would lose the already shaking trust of the nation over the legal system.