The office of a Patwari was sealed with seizure of the official record by the Sadiqabad assistant commissioner for committing a fraud against a citizen.

As per a complaint filed by citizen Abdul Rasheed, Pawari Sarfraz Anjum had collected Rs650,000 from the complainant but did not registered his transfer of property documents. Rasheed, a resident of Taj Town, had purchased property of over 67 canals situated in village Wahid Bakhsh from Ghulam Hussain. He was promised by the revenue officer that the former would be handed over a copy of the documents after registration but he did not do so even after expiration of one year, said the complainant.  On his insistence, the complainant added, the patwari gave the former some documents which later proved to be fake. He alleged that the officer had transferred his property to the name of some influential person. Taking action against the revenue officer, the assistant commissioner sealed the office and seized the official record. When the number of the patwari was dialed by this scribe, his mobile phone found switched off.

UNCLEANLINESS RESENTED: The Jamaate Ahle Sunnat Pakistan has severely flayed the Tehsil Municipal Administration for not cleaning up roads and streets for celebration of Eid Miladun Nabi (SAW) in Sadiqabad.

Talking to the media at Sadiqabad Press Club, the Jamaat officeholders said that heaps of garbage and accumulated sewage in the routes of Miladun Nabi processions were an evidence of the poor performance of Tehsil Municipal Officer Zakir Hussain. They mentioned that earlier from first day of every Rabiul Awal month, the government buildings were used to be decorated with lights besides affixation and hanging of banners and placards carrying information regarding the arrival of the Last and Final Messenger (SAW).

However, this year, he regretted, cleanliness was nowhere in sight and streets and roads were submerged with sewage with heaps of trash.