KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s election pledges were merely a deception.

The rulers are denying their promises and they should stop the politics of recrimination, he said.

He was addressing the PTI Sindh chapter wings and office bearers here on Thursday. PTI Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen, PTI Sindh president Nadir Akmal Leghari, General Secretary Hafiz Khan, MNA Dr Arif Alvi, MPAs Samar Ali Khan, Khurram Sher Zaman, Dr Seema Zia and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.

“We have planned to provide cheap electricity to the people of the province as the entire power system of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has been given to the KP provincial government. We would eliminate the power loadshedding by reining the thieves involved in stealing the electricity. Those who are accusing the KP for stealing electricity should remember Ittefaq Foundry calculation in mind,” he added.  

Khan said the former rulers spent billions of rupees to defend themselves and pushed the masses into the swamp of inflation. They are afraid of the popularity of the PTI in the recent general elections. They are dividing the nation just to give boost to their political interests and this formula is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Talking about the Local Bodies elections, he said the masses would vote PTI for the change in the LB polls. “Future will prove that PTI is the true representative of the people. Sindh government has failed miserably to protect the masses and it is not eligible to govern.” Khan said he would regularly visit Sindh and not left the people alone. He guaranteed of bringing back peace and tranquility to Karachi.

He further said the time was not far when he would make Karachi the City of lights again. He said the PTI would actively participate in the upcoming LB polls in Sindh especially Karachi. Karachiites have supported the PTI and have expressed confidence in the general elections.

 “I shall be focusing on Sindh in future and would frequently visit Karachi like Mehmood Ghaznawi’s attacks,” Khan vowed.