When you fight an enemy, you expect them to be bound by some sort of norms but what to do when you fight animals in the guise of humans? I regret using such a harsh term but there is no suitable word for the Taliban who use young children as suicide bombers. Afghan police stopped an eight year old girl, apparently in a state of shock and confusion, entering a border police check post in Helmand province – she was wearing a suicide vest; she couldn’t operate the button to detonate the explosives to blow herself along with the soldiers in the check post. Can any human be so unkind as to use an innocent eight year old girl to blow herself up as a suicide bomber?

Afghan and Pakistani Taliban are not only actively brain washing children as suicide bombers but also ensuring that a generation of handicapped and crippled children become the symbol of their retrogression. Anti-polio vaccination campaigns are bound to fail in tribal areas and other parts of the country wherein Pushtuns are residing. This not only includes remote rural areas of KPK province but also urban centers such as Karachi. Brutal attacks on health workers and those on duty for their security are forcing polio teams to abandon the campaigns. Perhaps we will never know for whom these Afghan and Pakistani Taliban are working; they are not for any religion, of that I am sure! Apparently they are on a self-destructive mode, but are ensuring they destroy everyone in Pakistan and Afghanistan along who don’t subscribe to their kind of sick ideology.


Saudi Arab, January 7.