Winning war against terrorism, enforcing writ of the state, providing security to citizens cannot be achieved, unless a strong disciplined police force exists. Military action and Special Courts can only achieve limited success in fighting and punishing known terrorists, while major task of law enforcement rests solely on police, paramilitary forces and all other state funded intelligence agencies working in unison. Along with restructuring and training police personnel to tackle well trained terrorists, there is a need to restore their confidence and ensure that state, with all its power, stands behind those enforcing rule of law.

Morale of the police was shattered when over 250 police officers, who performed their duties, were systematically killed by known criminals patronized by political parties. Recently we witnessed an SSP in uniform being assaulted by a stick carrying mob, in presence of uniformed security, identified by television and CCTV cameras in Islamabad. Writ of state stands challenged when a uniformed law enforcement officer is assaulted. All those involved in aiding or funding of terrorism and organized criminal activities, whatever their past or present affiliations, even if they are in service of Pakistan, should be prosecuted and laws should be applied without any discrimination.


Lahore, January 6.