ISLAMABAD: In their confessional statements in the court, prime suspects Khalid Shamim and Mohsin Ali revealed that Imran Farooq’s murder was planned in Nine- Zero office of Muttahida  Qaumi movement in Karachi and they received funds worth £ 25,000 from London through MQM Chief Altaf Hussain‘s cousin.

Khalid Shamim said that Muhammad Anwar informed them that Imran Farooq wants to form a separate political group. The attack was planned at Nine-Zero on Anwar’s directives.He revealed that the murder was planned on 16 September 2010 to give surprise to Altaf Hussain on his birthday on September 17.

After the assassination, Kashif telephoned Moazzam Ali and told him in code word “mamu ki subha hogayi” (uncle’s day has dawned) which means the work is done.

Khalid Shamim further told the court that Muhammad Anwar had planned their murder too after the work was done. He said that they returned to Pakistan through Chaman Border after staying in Afghanistan for 5 years.

Suspect Mohsin Ali said that Kashif Ali started work for killing of Imran Farooq soon after arriving in London. A set of knives was purchased from Pound Shop and buried it in a lawn near Farooq’s residence.

He said they intercepted Farooq near his house. Kashif first hit him with a brick and then stabbed him in the chest and stomach. The raincoat and knife were thrown on the street side before fleeing from the scene.

After returning to Pakistan, the party got him employed in Water Board Karachi. Other suspects were also offered jobs in MQM London Secretariat.

Imran Farooq, 50, a founding member of the MQM party was stabbed and beaten to death in Edgware, northwest London in September 2010.

He claimed asylum in Britain in 1999. He was wanted in Pakistan over scores of charges including torture and murder but always claimed the accusations were politically motivated.