Rawalpindi-Renowned Anthropologist, researcher and educationist Dr Patricia Omidian delivered a lecture at Fatima Jinnah Women University on Monday, a statement said.

The talk was organised by Anthropology Programme of the university on “Fostering Intellectual Growth: Shift from Rote Learning to Critical Thinking”. 

Dr Patricia stressed that critical thinking was a must for creativity and self-reflection, whereas rote learning killed the basic human geniuses. She further explained that critical thinking could be used in every domain whether it was natural or social science.

While taking about racial differences, she said that one aspect of critical thinking could be varying standards of beauty from one society to another. She also stated that currently, anthropologists were demanded in the WHO largely because they could unfold the hidden aspects of any situation in a relativistic manner.

Dr Naheed Zia Khan, the chief guest on the occasion, in her closing note emphasised that genuine thinking was the essence of humanity and that developing critical thinking skills was the way forward for intellectual growth of Pakistan’s academic culture where the development of real ideas was still a challenging task.